We are trying to upgrade the iPrint client with a login script. We have a
VB script that will install the upgrade even though the Win2K user does not
have admin rights. This works fine when run "manually", either from Windows
explorer or from a command line.

However, when run from a login script, it doesn't. The VB script passes the
admin user and password. When run from the login script, the VB script
stops at the point where it supplies the password, so the user sees a DOS
window prompting for the administrator's password.

Here is the VB script (FWIW)

Option explicit
dim oShell
set oShell= Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oShell.Run "runas /user:administrator ""nipp.exe"""
WScript.Sleep 100
oShell.Sendkeys "adminpassword~"

Here is the line in the login script that invokes it:

#cmd /c start /min i:\iprint.vbs

I have tried this using UNC path, a batch file that runs it, a batch file
that copies it to C:\ and then runs it, etc., etc. All perform the same. In
each case, running the file or batch file from Windows works fine.

Incidentally, I am somewhat behind on NetWare login scripts (years ago I
was pretty good at them, but I haven't written them in a long time). Is
there a manual on the login script commands and syntax?

Richard White CNE6