We had a server crash and when it came up Vol2 would not mount. The
sys$log.err says "not all partitions are mirrored". Using ConsoloOne I can
see that VOL1 is 100% mirrored and VOL2 is not mounted.
Vol2 is a non-critical storage area, so I am not too worried about it, but I
don't want to corrupt VOL1 or I will be the proverbial "dead meat", if you
know what I mean.

Adding to the mix is I really don't know what I am doing! That being said, I
think I should do the following:

Try to mount Vol2 from the console as in: mount vol2
IF it mounts, use ConsoleOne to try to remirror (never done it )
If NOT, run vrepair, select VOL2 and try to repair.
Then mount VOL2, remirror if necessary.

How does that sound? Is Vol1 safe????
Other suggestions?