I am running NetWare 6.5 OES SBS and GroupWise 6.5. The server is also a file and print server.

I want to real time mirror this server off site and I have a 4MB VPN connection between my two sites, so bandwidth isn't a problem. What software is available to do this?

Right now I am simply using FTP software at the remote site on a Win2003 server to copy changed or added files from the NetWare server nightly.

The only problem is that the remote site has a NetWare server that acts as a disaster recovery server but I created a new tree and new GroupWise system and it isn't very easy to restore GW to this disaster recovery server. Actually I have never tried to run GW restored on this server and know it will be a pain and take hours.

I have found many options to mirror windows and exchange servers to where you don't have to do anything except connect to it in the event of a disaster. It would be nice if there were something like this for NetWare and more importantly GroupWise.