I have one server that still had imanager 2.0.2 on it. It would not come up
correctly. I got tired of messing with it and decided to reinstall
imanager. That completed without any errors. When I go to imanager now on
that server, I get a page that says There was a problem starting the
Missing setting: System.GUID
Most problems starting up are related to missing information in the
PortalServlet.properties file. If this is the second server you are
installing into the same eDirectory tree, please copy the
PortalServlet.properties file from another server to remedy the problem
(making sure to update IP addresses of settings to match the new server such
as the Custom_Backend_Renderer_Portal_Location setting). The
PortalServlet.properties file is generally found in webapps/nps/WEB-INF of
your web servlet directory.

I looked this up in the knowledgebase, and according to TID 10091151,
I need to go to https://server_IP_address/nps/servlet/configure to rerun the
servlet configuration. Now

I log in on that page with an admin account that I know works and it
tells me
Cannot find the Directory server.
Please check Directory server, port and protocol.

Please enter the LDAP directory server and the credentials for
administrator access so that setup can update the directory:

This server is currently configured for:

Any ideas?