I need to compare/reconcile differences in our Production tree and
Identity Vault/Meta Tree ..and to the authoritative Peoplesoft info.

I created a VBScript that compares the uniqueIDs between the two trees and
against an authoritative peoplesoft file ...Then generates a report of
inconsistant accounts/information.

This is how it works:
1. use ICE to get a csv from tree1
2. use ICE to get a csv from tree2
3. get the authoritative CSV via FTP
4. run script
5. output results to CSV file


I need to include the description field in the output, which means that
they need to be included in the input (i.e. ICE generated CSV). The
problem is that the description field contains carriage returns. A
carriage return is an "end of record" in CSV ...so the CSV isn't right.

make sense???

How do I overcome the obstacle of carraige returns in the description
field when generating exporting the info to CSV?