I have 2 users that I made trustees of several OUs and I gave them full
rights to those OUs. They also have full rights on the file system where
the users folders are located.

I'm using ConsoleOne 1.3.6e and I've also tried 1.3.6d

Here's the errors I get:

"Error -601 The object name entered could not be found in the context
specified. Refer to help for all listings of possible causes and
solutions" I click Close, then I get:

"No such object exists. Unable to create Home directory on the file
system". After I click OK, I get:

"The object was successfully created but may not be correctly set up
because the "Create user" snapin failed in its post-creation process."

I've tried different computers too. Same result. I have a Template that
I use when creating users. I've tried it with and without the template.
same result.

Any ideas??