Hi there

First off, I'm sorry if this isn't the right group - I don't know where
else to post it though!

So here's my dilemma.
We've got a NETWARE server for our university, and we need to create
submission and exam folders for the students when they're writing exams
/ submitting assignments.

Basically, under exam conditions, we want the students to be able to
login to NOVELL, do their work, and save it in a submissions folder,
which is not viewable by other students, but can be accessed by the
markers. For the duration of the exma, they obviously cannot have
access to their home directories [otherwise they could cheat], so we've
removed all drive mappings for the students; problem is, they can just
run a MAP command if it's hidden somewhere beforehand, and they could
get back to their home directories.

Subquestion 1: How can we disable their MAP abilities?

Our sister campus has suggested we create 150 exam logins, exam001,
exam002, exam003, etc. and those are opened during an exam so students
login with these accounts, and their file submissions will
automatically be hidden from others because of their examXXX home
directories. I don't like this idea, and I'm playing with login scripts
to create a student submissions map based on their student numbers into
another drive at login time [IF they are a member of a group which is
writing an exam, create the submission folder]. Problem is, for this
method, they need read/write/modify which means a carefully implemented
MAP command will get them to the root of the folder and they can then
browse other users' folders [unless there's a way around this].

So that's my situation; what's the best solution to my problem?

Do we create 150 EXAMxxx logins, because their home directories will be
secure and unmappable, or is there a way to create these new submission
folders so they're secure from other users who manage to MAP to the
root folder?


COMP301 is writing an exam today, so I go into the LOGIN SCRIPT, modify
the code to say
// then execute the drive mappings
create a new subfolder based on %CN
MAP to this new subfolder
delete all other drive mappings to %HOME_DIRECTORY et cetera

How can we stop them from just re-mapping stuff?

Thanks in advance!