Help, I've been trying to solve this for over a week now.

Whenever a user logs in they cannot connect to our remote server (-890
error). They have no problems connecting to the server in their
office. While troubleshooting this issue I noticed that the users can
see our tree but cannot see any contexts both when we first (intial
boot) try to login and for a few minutes afterward. Once logged on
after 5 to 10 minutes I can see the contexts and login normally from
the users desktop. I can ping the remote server from the workstation
and office server by name and IP.

Our servers are running NW 6.5 sp5, warkstation clients are 4.91 sp2
and XP
We are running IP only, SLP seems to be running well and the
workstations have the SLPDA set up properly.

To confuse things more one person can connect normally from the office,
I have been trying to match configurations and rights but so far no
luck and the remote office has no problems logging in and connect to
the servers.