Someone want to check my plan to move an SLPDA to a new server? I've
read TID10068412 and I understand the steps in this process to be as

-With the SLPDA running on the old server, bring up SLPDA on new server
-My new server WILL have a replica of the partition holding the
originally created OU called UNSCOPED (hence, it should link to the old
SLP objects and they won't need to be recreated in NDS)
-After servers have registered with the new SLPDA server, unload SLPDA
from old server.
-Modify the DHCP server to hand out the new SLPDA IP - have people reboot
their workstations (or let leases expire on their own)

I don't define a static DA in slp.cfg on servers as the DA isn't out of
multicast range of other servers and we hand out slp info via dhcp.

It looks to me like moving an SLPDA is a fairly straight forward
operation - does my plan have any holes?