I have a NW6.5 SP5 server that I recently upgraded from 6.0. I also
recently changed domain names, and IP address schemes. I've gone through
a lot of pain as a result. :-) One of the problems I'm trying to resolve
is getting my server to give out a SSL certificate that clients like. The
default certificates that were created have my default server name in
them (server.xxx.org), but I use webmail.xxx.org to access the Groupwise
Webaccess - so at least part of the certificate complaint to the client
is that the names don't match. I've not been able to find information
about what I need to do to make that work right. I should also note
that "webmail" hits a secondary IP on the server too.
Also, the certificates also complain that they aren't trusted. I swear
that wasn't a problem before...I know they're self signed, but I really
didn't recall getting certificate warnings before this upgrade.
Any help would be appreciated.
Dale Van Voorst