We are getting a new user volume server which will cause the volume and path in environment to change on user objects. I used ldif to export what we currently have so I can first delete the current home directory. Then I'll create a new ldif with the new user directory location. I am guessing I have to do this manually (by modifying the old ldif)?

So my question is the syntax for the path: in looking at the ldif file, i now see that users have been set up in various ways (by various people) I am not sure if there is ONE correct way or one BEST way... Here are 3 examples of what I have. The volume user directories are on is called User. This user volume is on the users default server right now, but as I said the user volume will become its own server.

volume: eot_server_sys.acs
path: users\martha

volume: eot_server_user.acs
path \martha

volume: eot_server_user.acs
path: martha

Which format should I use when I specify the new location? THanks