I have 2 servers. One runs Zenworks 7 and iPrint. The other runs iFolder.
The Zenworks server was the first server installed, so has the Root CA.
This server has no problem.

The iFolder server has a problem as follows : -

iManager works fine, https on Port 2200 works fine, but I cannot connect
to Remote Manager. I ran PKIDIAG and SDIDIAG - no problems reported. I
then tried TID10066259. I tested both servers with option (b), namely
exporting the Certificates from O=Security - no problem, BUT when I try
option (a) exporting the Certificate from the LDAP Server I get the
following message:- ldap_simple_bind failed 32(No such object) dn
cn=admin.o=xxxxxx (xxxxx = my o container).

Help please