One of the joys of working with small businesses is that they don't have a
boatload of bureaucratic standards, procedures, etc etc.

One of the frustrations is that the key employees do whatever they want to
do, and expect me to make it all work. Some examples:

- I lost a client when I couldn't get their games to work on their computer
while eliminating all spyware and popups. After a few visits to clean off
computers, and a few more trying to get games working, I suggested that
they'd save a lot of money if they bought a couple of playstations. I
wasn't being nasty -- just honest.

- Last week, I got an urgent email from a client who had a GW7 folder come
up mysteriously missing from his cabinet. Fair enough, it happens. When I
got the email restored, I noticed that 90% of the email that I'd restored
was mass emails from a person at a vendor, who was sending out XXX-rated
video attachments. The recipients were the owner, his son-in-laws, and 2
other long-term key employees. I'm just wondering how much of my GW server
is now devoted to such colorful email.

Tim Wohlford