I am having a problem with an option inside jrbimport. It creates user
accounts and everything fine. I have the option "Home directory
restriction = 500000" to create a default home directory to 500 megs.
However, when certain users need more space than that, I cannot figure
out how to increase the 500mb limit.

Here is an example:

right click on users home folder > netware info > The space restriction
says: "unlimited" > space available shows all of the volumes space
(150gb). However, this is not correct. The user really only has

Secondly, I run 'getquota.exe' on a user, and it shows: "no quota set",
419mb used, 150gb free
It says that they are out of space if they try to copy more than the

If anyone knows how to modify this setting so I can increase the 500mb
limitation, please let me know! I have tried nwadmin > details >
volume space restrictions, and that has not worked either...