When you log into the Novell Client for Window and type in your username and password is your password encrypted?

I found the following tid

Novell uses a public and private key method of encryption called RSA encryption to protect critical information, i.e. passwords. When a password is initially created at a workstation, it does not cross the wire as clear text. Instead, the Novell Client (95/98 or NT) running on the workstation uses a RSA encryption key received from a NetWare 4.11 server to encrypt the password before it leaves the workstation and hits the wire. That password is received at the server and is entered (in its encrypted form) into the NDS. When a user enters a password during login, the password is encrypted and checked against the password stored within the NDS.

Is this still true or has the encryption changed since Edirectory and LDAP. How can I make passwords encrypted if they aren't already. Thanks...