Netware 6.5sp5a fully patched, gw 7.0.1 with mail vol on msa 1000 via Fibre. 50 percent free space on volume
600 total gw users

We are currently experiencing sluggishness with our groupwise system
c/s threads climb, file que backups, message handlers max.
I've noticed that during times of slowness, that on the
monitor screen (netware) the 'Current Disk Requests' fluctuate
between 1000 - 2000, and off peak times, 0 - 500 on average.
I was hoping some of you admins could check the servers your running
gw on and post normals for you. I've read that it's a sign that your disks can't keep up
but so far all checks on the msa show all is well. We have 6 disks in raid 5.

Thanks for the help,