Running NW 6.5.5, and this server only runs GW 7.1 Post Office and GWIA.

I read the NW is not happy with hyper threading. But not sure about another
setting for multiple CPU's on Dell PE 1750

1. Logical Processor (enables both logical processors), I assume this is
hyper-threading. I HAD it enable, had some CPU hog abends, and now have it

2. Sequential Memory Access (enabled for optimization of applications that
use high utilization of sequential memory, disabled for applications that
use high utilization of random access memory). Currently enabled.

Both by default are enabled. Now, when they mention applications, I wonder
if NetWare itself is considered an application at this point,opposed to
Windows applications.

Both are by default enabled.

For a NW 6.5.5 server running only GW 7.1 what would be the recommended
setting for each?

Thanks much in advance.