Our organization is using Netware 6.5 for server OS. All users
authenticate via the Netware client.

For simplicity, on the workstation level we created a generic windows
username that is the same for all PC's for ease of deployment. The users
simply login to their Netware account then when the windows local
username pops up, it is the same for everyone and they simply click "ok"
without a password and they authenticate to the Novell sever.

Recently I have had to add a windows 2000 server to our environment.
Some users need to access a network share on that new server. What I
have to do for a handfull of users is map a network drive to the windows
2000 server box when they log in. The only thing I can think of to do is
create a username on the 2000 box without a password that corresponds to
the generic one that is used on all workstations. Obviously this would
not be the best solution for reasons of security.

Is there any way I can use the Netware authentication to emulate
authentication through to the windows server as well? That way the user
logs into Netware,and receives netware priveledges, yet also can be
mapped to the windows server as well through the Netware client.

Thank You,