I need to perform following task.
I need to remove Novell NetWare 5.60.05[DS] from tree. This used to be
our main server, it was default server for all of our users and
services. I have one more netware server left, I use this server as MDA
using mercury mail in NDS mode. I have one user called mercury that is
neccessery for delivering mails to users. When mercury starts this user
have to login. Problem is that mercury keeps trying to log into old
server where no longer Directory services are running(I used nwconfig to
remove it). Default server is set correctly to my MDA server and this
server is able to login my mercury user when I try to login from station.
What should I do to completely remove my old server from tree and to
change all references to my MDA server ? How should I set mercury mail
to log into my MDA server ?

Thanks for help