We currently have 13 Netware servers, set up as one single with 12 secondaries in an environment with a combination of Netware 5.1 SP8 (1 server), 6 SP5 (3 servers), and 6.5 SP5 (9 servers). The single server is on the Netware 5.1 server, and it's getting pretty old (PIII 733), so I want to move it onto a new beefy (dual PIV Xeon 3G) NW 6.5 server that has the sole purpose of holding a Read-Write of every replica on our network (of which there are 8.) Is there a preferred way of doing this that won't make the servers freak out and spiral firey death into synthetic time? :o) I haven't found a walk through for this on Novell's website.
Thanks in advance!