I have two Network Interface Card in my NW6.5.5-server.
Both card are bound to each subnet;
NIC1: mask: GW:
NIC2: mask:

NIC1 is Default
NIC2 is only for backup
There is no route between these two cards or Load Balancing.

If i look at IP-configuration, it all looks ok.
NIC1 is set as "Primary and mark Default
NIC2 is also set as Primary, but is not marked as Default.

Is there a way to define NIC2 as Secondary?

The problem is PKIDIAG are using NIC2 as primary IP-address og IPROUTE is
also use NIC2 as startpoing for Traceroute. All internet-connection
establized by server is run trough NIC2 so the servers Norman Firebreak
Antivirus cannot download updates from internet.

What a hell must i do to make NIC2 Secondary and NIC1 to be the real
Primary and Default NIC/IP?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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