Sometimes I want to scream and bash my head against a wall! It isn't
surprising that companies change to Microsoft.

We have to install Secure Login in the next few weeks, so I decided to
check it out before the big day. I installed a VMWare NW6.5 OES Server and
then installed a VMWare Workstation. I installed the Novell Client 4.91
SP2 and carefully read the documents on configuring Universal Password and

This is now day THREE of futility. No matter what I do I cannot login as
the user that I selected. I've checked, doublechecked and triple checked
that I didn't miss something, but IT JUST WILL NOT WORK.

Now I ask you with tears in my eyes. If I can't do it as an experienced
CNE, how in God's name is a client expected to do it?

Will someone please tell me where the Novell hidden GOTCHA is on this one?