I was looking at activating RBS in iManager, and when I went to do so,
the object name defaulted to "Role Based Services 2" which I thought was
strange. In C1, I found there was already a "Role Based Service" object,
however, the object icon is of the "unknown object" variety (although
all the contents of the object have the correct icons).

Viewing RBS object in another tree available to C1, it has the correct
ison shown, so apparently the correct plugins are available to view the
RBS object.

Since we have never knowingly turned on RBS in this tree, I assume
something created the object and various roles that appear in it. The
question is, why does the existing one appear "unkown"? (I imagine it is
broken somehow, but is there any way to fix it?)

Or should I simply create the new one and move all the other services
into it -- or just have two?

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School