In my previous post on Oct 3, 2006 wrote:

> Good Afternoon,
> I have one container in my eDirectory tree where some User Passwords
> will not stay. It seems to be random users, and I can not find
> anything wrong. Replication seems to be working ok and I have not
> heard about this happening in any other User Container, of which I
> have around 48.
> I am using OES Netware 6.5sp5. To fix this we have been continually
> resetting passwords. The server at the location where that container
> is located has a replica on it.
> Where should I begin to trouble shoot this problem.

Sounds like a DS sync issue. Start doing a DS health check.


I have done the Health Check on the servers and waited a few weeks for
more information. The Tech Co-ordinater reports he still is reseting
password on random accounts. Still only in the single OU.

Another symptom we have discovered, but I am not sure if it applies to
all cases, is that the set password works if you login on a PC (IBM
Compatible) but not the MACs the students are using, until the password
has been reset.

We do not have this problem with any other MACs or with any other
students in other OUs.

Thank you for any information on what I should try next.