I want/need to remove a context that was created by mistake. When I set up
a new server I didn't notice I had put it under the wrong Context, so it
created a new one for me. I have since corrected the problem and the server
resides in the correct context with my other two.

However I cannot delete the context until I remove all the objects under it.
I am down to one final object but I am not allowed to remove it because I
"do not have rights" and I am logged in as Admin, the only one listed under
the Trustees

Under the Context I want removed I have the following:

Novell+NetWare 6 Server+650

Under that I have:


Which apparently is "Object Class" NLS:License Certificate

Any trick to removing this? It's not causing any problems that I know of,
just bothers me because it's there (housekeeping)

If I try to delete I am shown a message that I must have Object Delete
rights in order to remove it.