Dear novell user's community,

I have this probs, after changing the tree name using dsmerge, i was unable
to log to the server novell by NDS way from all novell's clients. my novell
client is based on windows xp station using the orginal novell client
supplied by novell (NOVELL CLIENT32 v4.91 Support Pack 2). before logging
from xp clients i have changed the tree name on the log request with the
new tree name but it doesn't work; sometime it gives me some freak error
number (0x00000????) or a simple "unable to log to tree" screen. the only
way with i can log is the bindary way, but i can't launch applications such
as nw32admin.exe because it asks to me to log to the novell's tree.....
then, if i come back to the novell's os and i rename the tree name one more
with the old's original name all works fine! and i'd be able to log to the
novell's tree again.

my novell's netware os is the 6.5 SP5 version.

kindly give me some advice.

thank you for helping.