Found TID: 3007510 Certificate issues default certificates with identical
serial numbers.

This sounds exactly like my problem.

However, I try workaround and still go back in and find certs have same
serials numbers.

Changes this past summer. Went from SP3a to SP5 on all campus servers.
Seemed to be smooth patch and fixed problems. About 5 new Netware servers
were installed into tree with Netware 6.5 SP5. All seemed fine.
Installed 2 OES - Linux box in tree.

Everything seemed fine. Console One the KMOs' looked fine and validate okay.

Then certificates on several servers expired. Ran pkidiag to fix this.

I noticed that when I Remote Manager into one of the Linux boxes that I get
error that certificate matches same number as another certificate.

I'm looking at certificates and it looks like CA is generating certificates
with same serial number....

How can I get out of this mess?

Everything seems to be working except the one Linux box that won't let me
do secure connections.

Thanks for suggestions in advance. "TIA"