I am new to Novell. I would like some advice on SLP. I am planning to
transfer the SLP Directory Agent to another server. I am currently using
the default scope SLP (load slpda /a). My goal is to transfer the SLPDA but
now I would like to use a named scope rather than the default scope.

Please correct me if I am wrong but this is how I think I can achieve the

- unload slpda, edit autoexec.ncf so that it will not load slpda anymore.
- unload slp on the other servers (SET SLP RESET=OFF).
- Edit the slp.cfg file to make it point to the new server.
- delete the SLPDEFAULT NDS object, and the DEFAULT Scope Unit. (I am not
sure about this one)

Now this is the part that I am not completely sure about:
- Create a new Organizational unit and call it MYSLP.
- Inside this OU create a SLP scope unit called MYSLPSCOPE.
- Load MONITOR.NLM on the new server and write the scope name: MYSLPSCOPE.
- Load SLPDA.NLM on the new server.
- On the other servers edit SLP.CFG so that they point to the new SLPDA.
- Load MONITOR.NLM on the other servers and write the scope name: MYSLPSCOPE
- SET SLP RESET=ON on the other servers.

Please let me know if those are the correct steps to follow or whether I am
totally wrong. I got some of this information from TID: 10059981 but since
I am not too familiar with all the terminology I don't know whether all the
steps indicated there are necessary.

Any solution, recommendation, or advice is greatly appreciated.