Netware6.5sp4, traditional file system

NDIR produced these numbers: ________________________________

Total volume space: 39,936,000 100.00%

Space used by 541,257 entries: 33,587,904 84.10%

Deleted space not yet purgeable: 1,024 0.00%

------------- --------

Space remaining on volume: 6,348,096 15.90%

Space available to Stacie: 6,348,096 15.90%

Space used if files were not compressed: 31,622,656

Space used by compressed files: 7,520,768


Space saved by compressing files: 24,101,888 76.22%

Uncompressed space used: 28,624,960

My questions are:

1. Do I add the "space used by X entries" (33,587,904) to the "space saved by compressing files" (24,101,888) to come up with the number (58G) that I add about 20% to, which makes it 70Gig when using vcu to convert to nss? That seems large considering the volume was only 40 Gig on Traditional File system

2. If I have compression set on the volume, why is only 7.5 of the 33.5G compressed (this is a volume with heavy access - could that have a bearing?) Can a lower level file/directory decompression override compression at the volume level?