New setup of NDPS on Netware 6.5 server.
Am now begun pointing my legacy Netware 5.1 print queue's, currently
residing on a legacy 5.1 server, at my new NDPS printers on this new
Netware 6.5 server.
For the time being, I still want to use my existing print queue's to print
through my NDPS printers.
The server that these queue's reside on is going away.
1. The workstations must print to the same print queue's they have always
2.These queue's need to be residing on the Netware 6.5 server since the
legacy 5.1 server is going away.
3. We will push NDPS printers to the desktop at a later time.
4. This needs to occur in such a way we do not have to visit the desktop
and reassign queue's.