Greetings folks,

I need to take a poll and ask what everyone uses to monitor their servers
with, and how you handle any alert messages that are generated and need to
be sent out.

My focus is more on the alerts side of the equation. Just about every piece
of software I've seen can send smtp, snpp, etc. messages out. This is fine
for 99% of the alerts that get triggered, but not a good answer when one of
the devices in the chain out the door to our internet provider goes down.
In this type of scenario I need a backup method of sending alerts, either
via a modem on a land line and the TAP protocol (which I already have in
place), or something else (wireless SMS modem or what have you).

My problem has been that of the few pieces of software that even support
TAP, none of them actually work against our Nextel phones. I can test the
service manually via Hyperterm with success (process outlined here):

But using the same values in different software (What's Up Pro, Attention!
software Notification Server, etc.) it always fails. I'm not sure if this
is a problem with the software I've tried, or Nextel's implementation of TAP.

If you have any input to share, please do. Monitoring (wether I do it with
pings, or go crazy with SNMP and Nagios) does no good if I'm unable to get
the alerts to the people that need to see them. Thanks!