i have the great displeasure of having a NW6.5.3 server dropped in my lap.
The server has 2 Volumes: SYS: and Vol1:

The Vol1 is completely out of SPace!!
From a windows workstation (with novell client), i checked the properties
of the volume.
it says 100% Used Space,
and even worse, 0% of Purgeable Space.


i did manage to find one directory on the root of Vol1 called "apps".
in it i found two things:
1) a file: nw65sp3.exe
2) a folder: BACKSP3

The "nw65sp3.exe" is obviously the Netware Servicepatch3.
it was probabaly left there by the previous Admin. I will move this off
the volume to free up about 530MB.

but i am unsure of this "BACKSP3" directory.
It is about 640MB in size. I have never seen a Folder named like this.
Do you think it was automatically created in case you wanted to Uninstall
Service Patch 3?

'If' it is the backup information for the Servicepacth, do you know if
Netware is currently using any NLMs(etc) files within this "BACKSP3" directory?

I would like to move this "BACKSP3" directory to another server in order to
free up more space. But i do not want to corrupt the OS.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank You