I get the following when I try to generate or update the index on one of
my servers:

Indexed 129,343 files containing 23,910,850,767 bytes
**** Index failed with Code: 0x8004F041 ****
**** Indexer Done ****
Index Generation Failed, rc=0x8004F041
Indexing started at 12:00:26 on 13/11/2006
Indexing ended at 16:49:23 on 13/11/2006
Total Time = 17,337 seconds or 0:04:48:57 (d:h:m:s)
End Processing Collection: Jade
Indexer failed with error code 8004F041
Index Job Ended 16:49:23 on 13/11/2006

I can't seem to find anything on error code 8004F041. Any help would be
appreciated. TIA.