OK ill try to keep it short. Im MCSE MCSA CCNA certified, yes please dont
kick me out of these forums, since i know how everyone loves microsoft.
Anyways thats besides the point. Ive worked very little with unix linux
novell, i have but again very little with usually someone there doing the
work me more watching or maybe once in a while doing very simple things.

Anyways Ive downloaded the Novell OES and our goal or my goal, is to
replace one server of one of our clients with this. They currently run
their file server as a novell server most of the other thigns is on windows
servers. Now Im trying to figure this out. I watched allteh flash tutorials
on it, which didnt help me much considering i dont have the novell background.

So can someone please put it in microsoft terms for me, and tell me the
steps in short of setting up a Single environment server. Which will use
Novell OES ONLY for being a FILE SERVER, and nothing else. And how to
manage users (i found out there are diff for the linux part and novell part
(clap for me)). And just stuff that would help a link would be well
appreciated as well.