Hi there,

we have a problem with 2 unknown Obits. The Creation TimeStamp are
in the future (2070). It is possible to delete these Obits?
Here is the Entry Information of one of them.

Single Obeject repair with dsrepair -a does not work.
Set a new Timestamp does not work.

The Obits are existing on all replicas :-(
We use NW 6.5 SP5 on the Master, the other replicas are NW 6.5 SP3.

Entry Information
Relative Name 0000A8EC CN=Access
Parent Name 00008173 .OU=IT.OU=Abteilungen.OU=COSI.OU=HA.OU=DE.O=COSI.T =CS.
Flags Not Present
Local Entry Flags Changed
Creation TimeStamp 19.02.70 8.18.21 99:99
Modification TimeStamp 21.11.06 17.52.49 1:1
Revision Count 0
Subordinate Count 0
Partition Name 0000805D .OU=HA.OU=DE.O=COSI.T=CS.
Replica Type Master
Replica Number 1
Replica State On
Purge Time 21.11.06 17.59.24
Federation Boundary 0000805A .T=CS.
Schema Boundary 0000805A .T=CS.

Obituary: Unknown



Obit Flags

Old Creation Timestamp
21.11.06 17.52.49 1:1 Not Present 20 (0) 19.02.70 8.18.21 99:99
0 00000