I've become interested of disk I/O utilization of my servers. I'd like
to gather a number of samples with 30-second interval during 24-hour
period for some basic disk channel IO statistics (IO requests/second for
read and write, IO kB/second for read and write) ideally separately for
each disk/volume. On Linux, I can do such things easily with iostat, but
on Netware 6.5 I couldn't find anything other than raw data of
'Performance trend graphs' in NoRM, which gives me 24 samples per
24-hour period and doesn't differentiate between read and write
requests. I looked at MRTGEXT, which enabled me to graph such statistics
as 'NSS bytes read' and 'NSS bytes written', but I suspect this is not
*quite* the same thing. I also downloaded the shareware version of Adrem
Server Manager which is pretty cool by itself, but while most of it's
performance graphs work OK, disk IO graphs are flat at zero. I also
looked at 'trendnss' and 'trendnw' utilities on forge.novell.com, but
again, these don't seem to give me quite the information I'm after.

What else can you recommend?