I had rsync functional on two different NW6.5 servers and had performed
multiple file transfers. I tried adding a third server. That server now
only produces the following three lines when the rsync command is entered:
SaveStatusToRegistry RsyncVolumes 1073741843
SaveTimeToRegistry RsyncVolumes 1073741843
SaveStasToRegistry RsyncVolumes 1073741843

Here is the rsync command that I enter:
rsync -rav --volume=VOL1 /DIR1
THORSYNC01::AZSTATE --log-file=sys:/rsync/log.log

I can't find where I am going wrong. I went back to the second server, and
now it is generating the same three lines and not transferring files.
I started on 2.6.3, and have since back-revved to 2.6.0 from NW6.5 SP5 with
no additional success. I validated the first server could still
transfer its files. Any thoughts would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks. Kent