Hi all,

I couldn't find a group specifically for Certificate Server so posting

I have a certificate for Groupwise Webaccess and it works fine.

However, with the introduction of IE7 and so called 'enhanced' security
features, IE7 gives a really horrid warning about the fact the
certificate doesn't come from a trusted site.

I can click continue to get past it and it works fine. I'd like to get
rid of this warning, as it's pretty horrid.

I've done some research and basically I can pay for a Verisign
certificate. Possible, but not ideal..

So I've tried creating a new server certificate and specified the
Novell Global root during creation, instead of the site organisational
CA for the root.

Associated the new cert to webaccess in the apache conf file, however,
it still doesn't work. Error still appears. If I view the
certificate, IE says the mail certificate itself is valid, and it's
the root above it that it doesn't like. I notice, the root is our
Organisational CA (not the Novell trusted root like I specified).

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Or, am I trying to do something that
is impossible? Do I have to spend the money and get a Verisign?

Thanking you in advance.