Hi all, I'm back.

For those that know me they know I work for a bank that's leaning heavily
towards the paranoid side of things. Over the past 6 years we've been
asked repeatedly to remove everyone from Admin level access so that my team
can't "accidently" browse through someone's directory and see data they're
not supposed to see. To date we've been successful in fighting that off
because we've convinced senior management that there's no functional way to
do that. That changed this past Tuesday.

We now have new mid-level management in place that's not as willing to take
our word on something. Therefor, on Tuesday when senior management asked
to have everyone's admin access removed middle-management capitulated.
We're going to officially find out about this on Monday and we'll have till
Tuesday morning to actually make it happen.

Here's my question to the group (once everyone stops laughing);

How does one go about administering a NetWare/eDirectory network without
admin level access? Specifically what senior management wants is for my
admin team to not be able to view user's files in their directories. My
concern is that we still be able to get into NWADMIN32, ConsoleOne,
iManage, RCONSOLE (using Adrem's Free Console), etc when we're no longer
admin equivalent. Is that possible? If so how?

BTW - We're still running NetWare 6.0 and eDirectory 8.6.2.

I thank you in advance for any useful information.

Terry Rodecker
A guy that just wants to get his job done