I recently applied sp5 to 3 of my Netware 6.5 servers. Two of the three no
longer allow me in with Remote manager. I saw the posts on the TID
mentioned, and looked at the load order. All three servers involved have
the correct load order for Portal and Ndsimon. I even unloaded ndsimon and
then manually loaded portal and ndsimon - results are the same as before.

One thing tha is weird is that all three are different. One server works
fine. One server immediately says "Page cannot be Displayed". One server
gives a loging screen with some of the graphics missing and then may or
may not work. Sometimes it errors out, some times it displays the menu of
functions (with almost all graphics removed) and you can use the menu
selections properly.

Hope someone can point me at what is going on with these. I use the
interface all the time at home. Saves me a 60 mile drive when I need to
get something done.