A hardware maintenance engineer has just replaced a tape drive on a NetWare 6.5 SP5 server which then appeared to boot up OK and allow him to run a test backup of the SYS volume.
During the backup the server apparently abended with errors on SYS.
The server was then reset but failed to reboot cleanly, reporting disk i/o errors on SYS, yet RAID reports no errors
An attempt was then been made to rebuild the SYS Pool which apparently failed at around 70%.
Now when the Server reboots it fails to run autoexec.ncf and drops out to a colon prompt with the last error on screen relating to NICI
Some kind soul has just dropped this in my lap with the above explanation of the problem !
Anyone got any ideas ?
Is there a useful utility to resolve this problem with the correct syntax ?
It occurs to me that as a last resort I could just re-install SYS and restore a recent tape backup using Backup Exec, however I've never done this before and:
1) I'm not sure how to re-install SYS without screwing up the other volumes.
2) I'm not sure how to knit the other old pools & volumes back into the system once SYS has been re-installed.
3) I'm not sure whether the Backup Exec will restore all the NDS etc and how much subsequent re-configuration will be required.
Fortunately this is only a ten user server with several other volumes including a separate MAIL volume containing GroupWise 6.5 SP6
Therefore presumably at worst I would have to re-configure all the users and trustee rights etc then re-associate with the GroupWise
Any helpful advice regarding the correct approach would be most welcome