Hi Guys,

I have a slight dilemma.

I have been using Netware with an active directory Win2003 server for some
time now without any issues, albeit in a very simple environment.

My Company has always run NW6.5 and will continue to do so as long as I am
in charge of IT. However, we need to integrate a active directory server to
run some SQL database applications which needs a proper domain etc (we have
been using a simple workgroup up 'til now). I have a guy who is going to
assist me with rolling out active directory and then creating logins on
everyone's workstations.

My issue is he has a bee in his bonnet about the two working together
properly, insisting that the Netware servers will need to be fully
integrated to work with active directory. He seems to think there is a lot
of obstacles to overcome, whereas I don't see an issue.

Surely, all the workstations need to do on the Windows side is change the
windows login to join the Windows domain etc rather than the local machine,
and the rest on the Netware side of things will remain the same as long as
the user name and password is the same as on the domain then Netware will
simply run the script and attach the necessary network drives just as it has
always done?

The bottom line is I can't understand what he thinks is going to be the

Can anyone reassure me or am I missing something.

PS - The NetWare servers are very simple just running file and print.

Regards to all,