We're running Novell Netware 6.5.5. I have an engineer that is asking me
if Novell has a software that will allow him to sync files from his
laptop to the server automatically and vice-versa. These files have to
be able to be shared with other users.

What he's currently doing is he's copying files from the server (F:) to
his laptop and then taking it home to work on. Then the next day, he
comes into the office and logs in and then manually copies it back up to
the server. He wants to know if Novell has a way (either natively or a
3rd party program) that can automatically do this for him so he doesn't
have to manually do it.

Now, he says that in his last job, the Windows network they had over
there could do that. He said that Windows had an ability where it had a
drive he can create called like the F drive or something that he can
tell it which folder on the server it is to sync to and it'll
automatically sync the files between his laptop and the server. Then
when he goes home, the "F drive" will automatically go to offline mode
and he can still work off of it and save it there. The next morning when
he logs into the server at the office, it'll sync all his changes back
to the server. Any changes made to the server will sync to his "F drive"
on his laptop. Anybody ever heard of this?

Any ideas? Thanx in advance.