For the last week when my users login in the morning, random people have problems getting logged on. They either get a tree or server could not be found error, they login but the login script has errors mapping drives to certain servers, or it maps the drives and acts like they are logged in but when they go to access a server or mapped drive it tells them its not accessible. To fix it I usually reboot a few times and then they are fine. I have only had 1 person who consistantly had this problem.

First I thought it was SLP related but I have ruled that out. I have patched the main file server that everyone seems to have the most problems getting to. It now is running NW 6.5 SP6 with edir I have run DSrepair and there are no errors. I've looked in remote manager and the logs and dont see any errors.

Yesterday I noticed that when they are having problems if I look in novell connections the authentication state says edirectory services for the server having problems but NMAS showed something like not authenticated. I removed NMAS client from the 1 user that was consistantly having problems and it has seemed to fix it.

I could go around and remove NMAS from every client I have but I dont understand what could have caused this. We have been running the same way forever with no problems. The only think we use nmas for is I set it up so that if users forget thier password they can use challenge response to change it.

I installed the security services patch to the server thinking that it might help since it updates nmas on the server but it didnt help.

Sorry for the post being so long.

If anyone has ever heard of anything similar or has any suggestions about how to fix this it would be much appreciated!! This think is driving me crazy.

Dennis St. James
Network Administrator
Lionel L.L.C.