First, I KNOW there is not a Client for Vista32 yet (unfortunately). But
from reading in other posts, seems like there's another way to access the
server through CIFS or something like that.

Here's what I've got...
One client (my laptop) running Vista 32 Final Release
Netware 6.0 Server

Previously, when running XP Pro, I could login using the Server IP
address, either from my office or remotely at home. Now I obviously
cannot do that without a client. But can someone please explain what the
talk about CIFS is?

I'm not an expert in Netware by any means, just know enough to get me by
and admin the server which requires very little on my part. But if
there's a way I can access the files on the 6.0 server from within Vista,
please help!!! And give as many details as possible on what I need to
do, if anything.

If I cant get access from within Vista to the server, I will have to use
2 laptops for the next few months and I hate the thought of that! :-(

Thanks so much!