Since a few weeks, when we send a broadcast message to users, a lot of users
don't get the message.
This is a problem, because our database programmers need to send a message
to all users telling them to leave the app, so that they can build a new

We tried sending messages from the console, thrue the client and with an
application called NWSend. On all methods a lot of the users don't get the

I'm pretty sure it's not workstation related, because the users who get the
message, don't get the message another time, and the other way around.

We are running Netware 6.5 on 6 servers (3 node-fileserver/mailserver
cluster, a 2 node dns/dhcp cluster and a ZEN imaging server.) There WAS a
BorderManager server, from an old tree connected with the network for
Internet routing, and firewall, and this was replaced by a Cisco hardware
firewall/router device.

We presume that it has something to do with replacing the BM server with a
Cisco, but can't figure out how this could disturb it?

Maybe someone could lead me in a direction, I just don't know where to look

Many thanks in advance,