Hello everyone,

We have running in our environment 2 Netware 6.5 SP5 servers in a
cluster environment, with DirXml and Zen and so on.

Our workstations are Win2000/xp and a few 98 machines. Our 2000/xp
workstations are running novell client 4.91 SP1 with Zen for desktops
Ver7 SP1. We recently experience when creating users, we get the
following error message

Error:- 601 from ScanAuthRange
Error:- 601 from GetDefaultRange

My ConsoleOne version is 1.3.6e and I'm using the -forceMaster switch
on my shortcut. The strange thing is that when I open that user
object in NWAdmin, all is fine, when I use ConsoleOne I get the error

Has anyone experienced this problem before. Any help would be deeply