On one of our location there is one NW-server that is running NW65 SP3 and
It was a big mistake to upgrade to eDir8.8 because Zen7 doesnt support
this version of eDir on NW.
Now i have open a network-route to our main network and want to Merge the
server into the main Tree.
The problem is that both servers have the same Tree-name and as earlier
said, i must rename treename on one server before merging.

Now im considering to scratch the whole server and reinstall everything(On
distant location and not the main server). Of course i want to keep all
volumes, but now install the new Tree into the existing tree on our main
This is not a big job, since there is only 15users on that server. There
was something called Branchservere that is supposed to be a leaf-server on
a distant location. This service is as i know not existing any more. How
can i make this distant server as a Branchserver/Leafserver?
Some users are moving between location and therfor it would be nice with
such sollution.

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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