Howdy fellas,

yesterday I had to connect two XP 64bit boxes to a NW 6.0 SP5 network (two
servers). As a NVL-client couldn't be installed I did a CIFS connection.
Changed the login methods as decribed in the different TIDs and so on to
"lcifs" w/unsecure pws etc.

The XP64 connects as expected, fast and could use files on the netware
volumes. But now some of the "real" clients get NMAS 1663 errors. Other
login methods should be added. I saw in Console 1 that NDS etc were
listed, but I could only add one to the "Security - Login methods" list.

Is this an error or by design? What other kind of setup has to be done on
the client side perhaps?

It's some time ago I had worked on good ole netware - so be polite :-))

Thank you