We are using a Novel 6 server with zen 4.01. I have been trying to get the dhcp to send out
addresses from more than one sub net for a long time. The address of the server was and I could only get it to give out 10.91.20.xxx addresses. I finally found out how to
bind a second address to the server so the dhcp now gives out 20 and 21 address.
But now I am having trouble getting some of our computers that aren't on the 20 subnet to see
the tree. We also have static computers on 30 and 31 and 32 subnets. The computers can ping
the address but just won't see the tree or let anyone log into the novell. The problem
of the not see the tree has been happening for a long time but not as much as now. What I use
to do was change the static to dhcp and log in and than change the IP back to static and it would
log fine for a while and than it might happen again. I just tried it on the computer I have been
working on dhcp gave it a 21 address no tree. I change it to a 31 static and no tree. I than
changed it to a 20 static and it saw tree and logged in. I than change back to dhcp it gave it the
same 21 address it had before and it saw tree and logged in.